Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bridal Shower Party Idea

Loving all things French and unique party ideas, I blended the two for a new twist on the bridal shower. Starting with vintage Parisian invites, this all girl party would have a mid-summer night theme of romantic vintage. Serve gourmet desserts and hang lots of crystals. Have friends/the bridal party make their own original cocktail hats. Each girl will design their own hat from fabrics, feathers, lace, beads and old jewelry pieces like the remaining pair of an earring set. Create a photo booth with old window panes, a distressed chandelier and a satin formal dress on a wire mannequin. Take a group or single shots in front of the Paris inspired photo booth. Have everyone wear their hats to the rehearsal dinner. Supplies and ideas can be found online. A great place to start is French General.

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