Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orchids, ahhhhh......

I love orchids & all the creative uses for them. They are simple and elegant and when a designer uses them right they are gorgeous. Stringing and hanging orchids is something I learned from doing tent weddings & beach ceremonies. Yes the labor part is tedious and orchids are more expensive, but the effect is well worth it. We strung orchids with crystals and hung them from chandeliers, arbors, and over food stations.
The picture above is from NY fashion week and the curtain of orchids is what greeted guests at a recent show in Central Park. Pretty amazing.
A more simple version courtesy of LA photographer Caroline Tran.
Where my love of orchids originated, The Wynn Hotel in Vegas. Belagio started the flower craze with the botanical gardens but the Wynn designers brought it to a whole new level with their simple cluster designs.

Another awesome hotel with great floral design is The Hotel inside Mandalay Bay in Vegas. This is one of my all time favorite hotels, they do everything elegant and simple.

Orchids are awesome flowers to submerge since their weight is equally proportionate.

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