Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.....a Seattle wedding in the fall.

You may wonder how the soup can comes into play but to understand that you would have to know Lucy Pardey....now Lucy Campbell. Seen below in all of her wedding glory. She defines the word "fun" and has a way of being constantly happy and excited.
I met Lucy my junior year of high school in our theatre class. She was famous even back then. The only daughter of a professional poker player, she grew up in Vegas as the youngest of 3 very dynamic musician brothers. Lucy lit up a room, every room and made friends no matter where she was.
She moved to Alaska later on where she met her future husband, Jeremy, a deep sea diver and adventurist. After being stranded on a mountain in Alaska and being rescued by the Red Cross, he promptly went to the jewelry store & bought "the" ring. This was 2 days before my own wedding where Lucy played the part of maid of honor. Jeremy quickly flew to Florida with a plan of proposing. We decided to have the cake designer insert her real ring into the cake for the classic single girls ribbon pull. She had no clue what was going on until she heard his voice over the microphone. It was awesome!

They wed in a rustic barn overlooking a lake in a small town on a gorgeous property outside of Seattle, Washington in the fall.

I used a variation of sunflowers, herbs, lavendar and dahlias for the flowers.

The brothers; Ryan, Rod and Danny Vegas all showed up to see Lucy get married.
Ryan became a minister online so he could officiate the ceremony, Rod played "Lucy in the Sky in Diamonds" on guitar as she walked down the aisle and Danny played his signature song about Lucy at the

The rustic interior ceremony was created after some Seattle rain cancelled the outdoor plan. Rod sung her signature song as she carefully walked down the stairs in a gorgeous dress with a small train as we all cried.

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