Tuesday, November 30, 2010

insert laughter here

Catalina has become obsessed with the show Cake Boss, making one of our past times finding and critiquing cakes. We stumbled upon this gem of a site, Cake Wrecks where Catalina was horrified.

nothing says classy like chocolate covered strawberries and shell casings. I love the little ducks.

awkward..... you can tell his kids from the first marriage paid for this cake.

In case any of you kids were dreaming about , your future sports career, you need to knock it off.

Don't worry kids, Dora is expected to make a full recovery from her recent house fiire.
How exactly did this idea happen? And how was it explained to the local bakery? "So, I need a sheet cake, maybe chocolate with butter creame icing and a raw steak, with some smeared blood. And we were thinking a butcher knife beside some other raw meat. What would that run us"?

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