Monday, November 15, 2010

My favorite Thanksgiving things

I have compiled all the things I love about Thanksgiving, some old and some new. 
Dahlia's are great this time of year. Whole Foods usually have the best selection of fresh flowers.

 Unusual textured accents like wheat and twine are great compliments. Small containers can be picked up at Good Will for way cheap & used again.
This arrangement shows how to incorporate sticks, feathers and even tropicals. If you order from a florist try to provide your own container and have a photo of something you like. This is a great arrangement to take to someones house if you are a guest.
Breakfast Morning Ideas

We always start the day off with a big breakfast, followed by appetizers and then the big meal. This year I am going to try these mini breakfast dishes and create a breakfast buffet. This is great for kids too since you can make their favorite dish, mini sized.


This is one of my favorite things to make. It is basically store bought pie dough, dried cherries, honey, brie cheese and nuts. You bake it all together to make this amazing appetizer that is served warm. You can get the recipe here. 
This is a fun idea that can have several variations. 


These are all fun and easy things to make or have your kids make. Another fun idea is to buy a table cloth and each year have everyone in the family write what they are thankful for and reuse each year. Every couple of years you can retire and start a new one. When your kids are grown you can give these to them as house warming gifts to carry on the tradition.

This is an easy centerpiece idea that you can make. Pottery Barn carries these leaves.

I found this hand made banner on Etsy. Fun idea to make or buy.

Kids table idea and crafts for them to do.

Fun little details like these are great ways to make the day feel special. 

Here are a few cookie ideas.

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