Saturday, November 27, 2010

White House Christmas Tree Tradition

I  never knew how the White House got their Christmas tree. This year I was interested and soon discovered that there is a whole ordeal about the tree, not much different than the turkey thing. 
So, The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) holds a contest each year to find the grand champion. This started back in 1966 when Lady Bird was in the white house.  The tree is  driven to the white house in horse drawn carriage where the first lady looks it over. 
It is the offical tree of the white house and placed on display in the Blue Room. The floral department of the white house (yes it does exist) is responsible for decorating the tree. It's not the only tree in the house, over 20 are on display throughout the house. 
This years winner was selected back in September when nobody was even thinking about Christmas. Tree farmer Christopher Botek from Winston-Salem, N.C won. Here are a few trees from years before.

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