Monday, August 1, 2011

succulents thrive in wedded bliss

Oh Succulents, how I adore thee. I began to admire you from the Florida coast when a cute little old lady ordered hundreds of you to cover her beach side cottage front yard. I am amazed at your versatility to be both plant and flower. You are tough and fragile and so very interesting to gaze upon. I hope more brides follow suit and swap out your beautiful buds for those overly feminine rose boutonnieres.
I hope to see the local NEPA brides start using something as natural as these tiny gems. I visited my new favorite store this weekend outside of Philadelphia, Terrain. This former nursery turned ultra chic garden, farm to table cafe and lifestyle store had succulents bursting at the seams. I loved the tones of deep purple, great for an outdoor Hillside Farm wedding. 
thanks for greylikeswedding for the great pics.

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