Monday, February 2, 2009

Creative assigned seating ideas

Tell people where to sit or not? Of course there are the obvious reasons to have assigned seating at your reception, one being control, your alcoholic uncle and your newly rehabbed friend might not want to set together.
The other reason is to force your guests to get out of their comfort zone and prevent junior high sized cliques. Here a few thoughts on one of my favorite ideas, natural numbers. These textured 3D numbers from come in either camel or chocolate. Hang them on centerpieces, vases, the edge of a table, or from the ceiling in a collage of flowers and small vases.

Think about these future uses.
1. Create a wall collage in your house, no need for framed fake Monets.
2. Use the numbers as your guest book, have the guests at the table sign the number and later display them at home.
3. Use them at home too show your address.
4. On each anniversary take out the corresponding number and write what you love about being married that year. For year two, you would each write two things you loved about marriage that year, date them and display in your bedroom.
5. Showcase your new married phone number by photographing you and new husband holding the numbers, email or mail these out as your new married contact info.

Love alternate use ideas.

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