Monday, February 2, 2009

What is w/ the boring veils?

There is no written law that says you must wear a veil. There are so many great alternatives these days. When you actually stop and think about the veil outside of the traditional white wedding, you may want to know that the veil has become a symbol of virginity. Brides use to wear their hair down, to symbolize their virginity. This was replaced with the veil, same symbolism though. Think the veil is only a girl thing? Men in West Africa wear the veils, not the women. The thought behind covering a man’s face is to ward off evil spirits. Evil spirits or not, if you are looking for something a bit different on your wedding day check out this exquisite wedding hat from designer Erica Koesler.

The Erica Koesler line pays tribute to the classical wedding style while creating a vintage inspired throw back to the 40’s when hats were the common accessory. You may be set on the veil, most girls revel in the tradition of seeing yourself accented with the flowing fabric of a wedding veil. But I do recommend each bride try something new and exciting on her day.
I mean really, how many weddings have you been to where the bride had the confidence to pull off a hat. Forgo the expected and liven things up a bit.
Jackie O would be so proud.

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