Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groomsmen Gifts - Not another personalized flask

Guys are impossible to shop for, especially compared to girls. Your bridesmaids would be happy with a spa day, jewelry, personalized photo frame, and even a overly sentimental card expressing all your thanks since junior high. But what about the groomsmen?
You could leave this up to the groom, but guys already suck at getting girls gifts. My aunt once received car speakers from her husband, another friend got a vacuum cleaner and once or twice the “You don’t need to get me anything” line was taken literally by my now husband. Face it, guys don’t like to shop for gifts. They especially don’t like to shop for sentimental gifts for their friends. I believe in giving personal gifts, something that actually took some time to choose. Check out Tokens and Coins, a small company that has come up with a great guy gift that pairs style with personality. They make cuff links, pens, jewelry and bottle openers out of demolished sports stadiums and vintage coins from US cities and other countries. You can actually have a ball point pen or cuff links made from a seat at Yankee Stadium, or a pair of NYC subway token coins made into cuff links. No more flasks for 2009, give something they will like and use long after the wedding.

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