Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Designer Bags or Netflix?

The first designer bag I ever received was a small Louis Vuitton clutch from Paris as a gift from my mom. This began a fascination with the world of designer handbags. There is something about a designer handbag that makes you feel special. No, not because of the price tag, but the design and thought of something so small and delicate. I came upon a great website for these amazing little treasures since those gifts from mom are far and in between. Think of it as the Netflix of handbags, an online rental services for the most exclusive designer handbags available on planet earth.
Add some glamour to your wedding dress ensemble by renting a designer handbag from bagborroworsteal.com. Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Leiber, and even vintage are available. The best part is the cost, a weekly rental. No late fees either. Yes, they have other categories too, but we will focus on handbags for the sake of this post and not discuss the jewelry, watches or sunglasses also available. Back to wedding accessories. This Leiber evening bag with pave crystal handles retails for $6,295.00. Drum roll please. But it rents for $116.00 a week. Add Video

Rent away, but please don't tell everyone at the wedding your designer handbag is a rental. You would not divulge your teeth implants if someone complimented your smile. Same rule of thumb applies to fashion.

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