Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back from Seclusion

Two things happened since my last posting. 1 is my computer crashed as in the manufacturer could not even find the hard drive. 2 is I got involved in some thing other than weddings. I have been volunteering at our church's Dream Center. This has been an awesome experience. I get to do outreaches, counseling, assisting, and pretty much whatever else is needed. The Dream Center is this huge building in the inner city that has a drop in center for homeless kids, a free cafe for the community, an after school program, a GED program, a free clothing boutique, hair salon, 24 hour hot line and much more. We help anyone and everyone. Really cool group of people that I get to hang out with.

Aside from my fun being had at the Dream Center, I am also designing my cousins wedding. This is very special, as we have always been very close. The wedding is in May 30 in south Texas. Some obstacles have included the location (old dance hall/barn with no AC and lots of wood) and the budget (she is finishing her masters and they are both young). It has been fun coming up with budget friendly ideas.
I am considering publishing a book about budget friendly weddings.

To liven up the old barn I am using bold and bright summer colors. Instead of table linens, I am overlaying butcher paper on top of White linens. Each "paper" linen will have a stenciled eclectic design flanking the center of the table. A roll of 1000 feet long and 36" wide butcher paper costs $47.00. A grouping of clear vases will host flowers like Dahlia, Ranunculus, Sweet pea, Freesia, Hydrangea, Iris and agapanthus. Ti light candles around vases and hanging crystals with sewn colorful hours will hang from the rafters. I will post photos and keep updates as the date gets closer. If anyone has some great budget friendly ideas, please send them this way.

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