Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live Bands, South Texas & Etta James

There is something romantic about slow dancing under the sounds and words of a live band. I am from South Texas where slow dancing is part of the culture. My uncle is actually known as a great dancer for his ability to throw and twirl his partner around the floor. I have only seen him dance like that once and it was beautiful. He grew up in dance halls with low lighting and hard wood floors. In Texas, a dance is held anywhere. My favorite is the outdoor dances that take place after a rodeo or festival. There are really a million stars in Texas and slow dancing beneath them to a live band is something to experience. When you decide about a wedding band or a DJ, give some real thought to hiring a live band. Think of my uncle or your grandfather, generations of people that grew up dancing to the sounds of real instruments. Listen to some Louis Armstrong or Etta James. Check out local bands in your area & ask your caterer or venue for referrals. A DJ may have all the song titles, but it is no substitute for real music being played. My wedding party walked down the aisle to "With a little help from my friends" by Joe Cocker played by a guy who worked at the guitar store. Listening to that song still takes me back the that moment.

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