Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only a designer can create an entire store of paper

Wow, what an amazing amount of creativity one must have to create a flower shop made of paper. I mean, everything from the walls to the shovels are made from paper. This is the creation od desginer David Stark for West Elm New York. It was only on display for 2 days but maybe we should start building design musuems where things like this could find a home.Thanks to Amy Atlas for posting the images despite being shot from her blackberry (at least you got to see it in person!)

The conceptual rendering
The invite
Yes, all paper! Each thing you see.
I read that he made everything from old books. Very green.

Even the food was passed out on paper trays. Now that's paying attention to details.

I am pretty sure this picture sums up the reason one would construct a paper flower shop in the middle of a NYC store, to sell something of course. David Stark is a designer for West Elm and I am pretty certain this creative wonder was marketing for his book, which of course I will be buying. Nice marketing idea!
(and the wheelbarrow is paper)
You guessed it, those walls are made from paper too

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